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Save up to 45% off with T4CRM Training vouchers! - Specifically designed to provide a flexible training package that has substantial savings and reduces administration.

Huge Savings

Get all the training you require with up to 45% off course prices, saving up to £13,360 for your training budget.

  Cost of Training Voucher Training Voucher Fee Per Day Standard Course Fee Per Day Saving on Package
25 Day Training Voucher £9,375 £375 £500 25%
40 Day Training Voucher £14,000 £350 £500 30%
50 Day Training Voucher £16,250 £325 £500 35%
60 Day Training Voucher £18,000 £300 £500 40%
80 Day Training Voucher £22,000 £275 £372 45%


Book courses as and when you need them. No need for months of budget planning, with Training Vouchers you can instantly book individuals or groups on whichever course they need.

Whether it is skilling up new staff, strengthening sales and services teams or dramatically increasing the capabilities of project leaders or developers, T4CRM Training Vouchers give you the freedom to invest your resources when-ever and where-ever you need them.

Note: Our vouchers are not just for Dynamics CRM courses. You can also use your training vouchers to attend any other Microsoft courses from any of our Microsoft Learning partners.

Time Saving

No hassle or administration issues. Just select courses straight from our Online Course Schedule and we can book your place in minutes!