Learn how to customise, extend, and build all the apps you need with the Microsoft Power Platform. Drive Digital Transformation by using these Microsoft tools and applications to unlock the potential of Dynamics 365 and Office 365 faster than you ever thought possible.

Read this Forrester Total Economic Impact study to learn how businesses reduce development costs and increase overall business efficiency and ROI by using PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, here are just a few of the benefits it found:

Increased ROI


Reduced Development Costs


Increased Business Process Efficiencies


Course Title Duration Course Code
*NEW* Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Core Certification Bootcamp
5 day T4D158
*NEW* Dynamics: Power Platform Fast Track
5 day T4D155
*NEW* Dynamics 365: Power Platform Applications
2 day MB-200T01
*NEW* Dynamics: Power Platform Automation
1 day MB-200T02
*NEW* Dynamics: Power Platform Integrations
1 day MB-200T03
*NEW* Dynamics: Power Platform Test and Deploy
1 day MB-200T04
Fast Track to Microsoft Power Platform Toolset
3 days T4D162
PowerApps and Microsoft Flow in Dynamics 365
2 days T4D114
Using Power BI in Dynamics 365
1 day T4D148
Extending Dynamics 365 using the Developer Guide and SDK
2 days T4D163
Extending Dynamics 365 using the Developer Guide (SDK) and Microsoft Power Platform
5 days T4D164
Dynamics 365 Customisation and Configuration Fast Track
3 days T4D104
Dynamics 365 Customisation and Configuration Certification Bootcamp
3 days T4D117
Microsoft Portals in Dynamics 365
1 day T4D147
Dynamics 365 Processes and Workflows
1 day T4D118
Mastering Dynamics 365 Reporting
1 day T4D119
Driving Digital Transformation using Dynamics 365
5 days T4D150