Dynamics 365 Voice of the Customer

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Title: T4D154 - Dynamics 365 Voice of the Customer 
Duration: 0.5 Day
Price: £880 (+VAT)

About this Course:
This course takes an accelerated approach to covering all the major aspects of Dynamics 365 Voice of the Customer application

Audience Profile:
This course is intended for individuals that plan to implement, use, maintain, or support Dynamics365 Voice of the Customer in their organization. The training is intended any individuals focused on utilising Dynamics365 Voice of the Customer, including customer service representatives, Sales team members, administrators, office managers, CEOs, and consultants who want to gain a full and complete knowledge of Dynamics 365's Voice of the Customer for specific and general business requirements.

*Please note, all course contents subject to change*

Module 1: Overview
- Overview of Dynamics 365 Voice of the Customer
- Install the Voice of the Customer solution
- Outline of the Survey lifecycle

Module 2: Plan the survey
- Analysing the requirements of the respondents
- Deciding the types of questions you want to include in the survey

Module 3: Design the survey
- Creation of a new theme
- Create the survey
- Preview the survey
- Publish and test the survey

Module 4: Deploy the survey
- Distribute the survey to anonymous or non-anonymous respondents
- Create a workflow to automate survey invitations, if required

Module 5: analyse survey data
- View survey responses
- Create and analyse reports

Module 6: What's new in Voice of the Customer version 9.0
- Robust survey translation
- Validate Voice of the Customer solution for any issues
- Voice of the Customer configuration and provisioning is in proper state.
- Survey lifecycle is working fine for the organization
- Survey responses are being received properly

Before attending this course, students must have:
• General knowledge of Microsoft Windows.
• General knowledge of Microsoft Office.