Dynamics 365 portals course

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Title: T4D175: Office 365 Integration - The Power of the Stack
Duration: 1 day
Price: £880

Please note: course content subject to change

About this Course:
This course will familiarize the learner with Office 365 functionality, Integration and building business value.
Office 365 is an ever growing service from Microsoft that provides an Enterprise level integrated experience of apps and services, designed to help you pursue your passion and grow your business.  

Course Scope:
User Level
Overview of Office 365 Components
Benefits of Being Online (SharePoint, Exchange)
Native Integrations in Office 365
Office 365 Integrations Using the Power Platform

Audience Profile:
This course is designed to help both management and employees understand the advantages and empowerment opportunities made available with the ever-expanding stack of Office 365 applications and tools.  
In addition, the course helps teams gain the knowledge they need to build flexible business solutions that can transform their organizations.

At course completion:
Upon completion of the Dynamics 365 fundamentals course, students will be able to:
· Identify the key functionalities of many of the core Office 365 applications
· Understand the opportunities that Office 365 provides to help organisations build effective teams and solutions.
· Know how to capture, analyse, summarise and distribute information both internally and externally.
· Envision Office 365 based solutions that increase collaboration, traceability, productivity and project success.

Module 1: Office 365 Components Overview
- Office 365 Applications
- Office 365 Services
- Lab 1 - Connect with the Lab Resources Office Group  

Module 2: Integrations in Office 365
- Native Integrations
- Lab 2 - Get To Do Tasks from Planner and Outlook
- Lab 3 - Integrate Collaboration, Communication and Productivity Tools in Office 365
- Custom Integrations

Module 3: SharePoint and Exchange Online
- SharePoint Online On-Prem Differences
- SharePoint Components
- Exchange Online On-Prem Differences
- Office Groups Integration
- Lab 4 - Employee Feedback and Suggestions – Part 1
- Lab 5 - Employ Video Sharing Capabilities with Teams and Stream
- Yammer Teams and Office Groups

Module 4:Analytics in Power BI
- Overview
- Samples
- Apps
- Lab 6 - Experience the Reporting and Analytics Features of the Power BI Service
- Extract, Transform, Load
- Lab 7 - Create a Drill-through Report of Global Internet Access

Before attending this course, students must have:
• General knowledge of Microsoft Windows.
• General knowledge of Microsoft Office.