Dynamics 365 Field Serivce course

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Course Details

Title:T4D166: Dynamics 365 for Field Service Certification Bootcamp
Duration: 4 Days
Price: £3,000

Please note: course content subject to change

About this Course:
This certification bootcamp covers everything you need to pass the MB-240 Dynamics 365 for Field Service exam, including revision sessions and the exam itself.

*Detailed information coming soon for this course*

Certification Bootcamp Package
This Bootcamp contains the following additional benefits to help you gain your certification:
- Exam coaching classes, every evening during the Bootcamp
- The exam itself.
- Free post course exam coaching sessions via Skype.
- A free resit on Bootcamp during the next 12 months.
- An evening exam slot at our Pearson vue Test Centre *Only available at Bath Bootcamps*

Audience Profile
This course is intended for individuals that plan to implement, use and/or maintain Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

  • Course Outline

    Module 1: Configure Field Service
    - Introduction to field service
    - Defining products and services
    - Defining tax codes

    Module 2: Resource scheduling configuration
    - Mapping and location information
    - Configuring resource components
    - Defining account preferences

    Module 3: Defining and configuring bookable resources
    - Defining bookable resources
    - Resource pools, crews and facilities

    Module 4: Working with and configuring incidents
    - Creating incidents
    - Using service tasks
    - Defining products, services and skills

  • Module 1: Field Service Work Orders
    - Configure field service work orders
    - Creating work orders
    - Managing work orders

    Module 2: Field Service Agreements
    - Using field service agreements
    - Set up bookings
    - Set up invoices

    Module 3: Inventory and Purchasing Lessons
    - Manage customer assets
    - Manage inventory
    - Purchasing and returns

    Module 4: Field Service Mobile Lessons
    - Field Service Mobile Application overview
    - Install and deploy Field Service Mobile Projects
    - Manage Mobile Projects
    - Deploy the Mobile client

  • Module 1: Universal Resource Scheduling
    - URS overview and configuration
    - Enabling entities for URS
    - Entity customization and automation considerations
    Module 2: Managing scheduling options
    - Using the Schedule Board
    - Scheduling items
    - Rescheduling and substituting resources
    - Crew and resource pool scheduling
    Module 3: Customizing the Schedule Board
    - Configure the schedule board
    - Create additional schedule boards
    - Leverage Dynamics 365 views with the schedule board
    - Configure schedule board queries and filters
    - Working with requirement groups
    Module 4: Resource Scheduling Optimization
    - Resource Scheduling Optimization overview
    - Defining optimization goals
    - Defining optimization scopes
    - Defining optimization profiles

  • An overview of the course's content

Before attending this course, students must have:
• General knowledge of Microsoft Windows.
• General knowledge of Microsoft Office.