Dynamics 365 Field Serivce course

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Course Details

Title:T4D166: Dynamics 365 for Field Service Certification Bootcamp
Duration: 4 Days
Price: £3,000

Please note: course content subject to change

About this Course:
This course will equip students with everything they need to pass the MB-240: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service exam. This covers the skills necessary to identify and configure the key components that are used to deliver Field Service and mobile solutions. Helping students better understand the bigger picture and end goals focused around implementations that aid in designing more efficient solutions that align with customer and organizational goals

Dynamics 365 for Field Service helps organizations better position themselves in the market by providing a variety of tools that assist in efficiently identifying and scheduling resources as well as assisting in managing workloads for mobile workers.

Any organization that requires resources to execute services needs to efficiently be able to identify and schedule based on requirements defined by organizational needs. Dynamics 365’s Universal Resource Scheduling solution enables organizations more effectively manage and schedule these resources by providing a configurable toolset.

Certification Bootcamp Package
This Bootcamp contains the following additional benefits to help you gain your certification:
- Exam coaching classes, every evening during the Bootcamp
- The exam itself.
- Free post course exam coaching sessions via Skype.
- A free resit on Bootcamp during the next 12 months.
- An evening exam slot at our Pearson vue Test Centre *Only available at Bath Bootcamps*

Audience Profile
This course is intended for individuals that plan to implement, use and/or maintain Dynamics 365 for Field Service.

  • Course Outline

    Module 1: Configure Field Service
    - Introduction to field service
    - Defining products and services
    - Defining tax codes

    Module 2: Resource scheduling configuration
    - Mapping and location information
    - Configuring resource components
    - Defining account preferences

    Module 3: Defining and configuring bookable resources
    - Defining bookable resources
    - Resource pools, crews and facilities

    Module 4: Working with and configuring incidents
    - Creating incidents
    - Using service tasks
    - Defining products, services and skills

  • Module 1: Field Service Work Orders
    - Configure field service work orders
    - Creating work orders
    - Managing work orders

    Module 2: Field Service Agreements
    - Using field service agreements
    - Set up bookings
    - Set up invoices

    Module 3: Inventory and Purchasing Lessons
    - Manage customer assets
    - Manage inventory
    - Purchasing and returns

    Module 4: Field Service Mobile Lessons
    - Field Service Mobile Application overview
    - Install and deploy Field Service Mobile Projects
    - Manage Mobile Projects
    - Deploy the Mobile client

  • Module 1: Universal Resource Scheduling
    - URS overview and configuration
    - Enabling entities for URS
    - Entity customization and automation considerations
    Module 2: Managing scheduling options
    - Using the Schedule Board
    - Scheduling items
    - Rescheduling and substituting resources
    - Crew and resource pool scheduling
    Module 3: Customizing the Schedule Board
    - Configure the schedule board
    - Create additional schedule boards
    - Leverage Dynamics 365 views with the schedule board
    - Configure schedule board queries and filters
    - Working with requirement groups
    Module 4: Resource Scheduling Optimization
    - Resource Scheduling Optimization overview
    - Defining optimization goals
    - Defining optimization scopes
    - Defining optimization profiles

  • An overview of the course's content

Before attending this course, students must have:
• General knowledge of Microsoft Windows.
• General knowledge of Microsoft Office.