Dynamics 365 intoduction course

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Course Details

Title: T4D113 - Introduction to Dynamics 365 for End Users and Managers
Duration: 1 day
Price: £880 + VAT

This course:
This unique course is a 'hands-on' introduction to using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is based upon our 15 years of experience in training Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM.
It is primary focused is on End Users and Managers everyday use of Dynamics 365.
The course includes a printed manual and access to your own personalised copy of the Dynamics 365 system which you can continue to use for up to 50 days after the course ends.

Audience Profile
User and Managers who want to learn and understand Dynamics 365's interface, adaptability and functionality to help them make best use of Dynamics 365 in their everyday resulting in increased productivity and empowerment.

Course Outline
Module 1: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Concepts
- Microsoft Dynamics 365 functionality
- Microsoft Dynamics 365 clients
- Microsoft Dynamics 365 records
- Application navigation
- Using Views
- Searching and Filtering

Module 2: Working with the Application
- Dynamics 365 Security Settings
- Customer records
- Addresses
- Introduction to cases
- Recently Viewed and Related Records
- Business Processes
- Quick Create
- Importing and Exporting To and From Excel

Module 3: Introduction Dashboards
- Data in Dashboards
- Dashboards Charts and Other Fields
- Dashboard Layouts

Module 4: Using Activities
- Finding and Using Activities
- Add an Activity
- Attaching a Document to a note or task
- Completing an Activity

Module 5: Introduction to Sales Management
- Sales Dashboard
- Working with Leads
- Sales Process
- Opportunities
- Closing and Re-Opening a Lead

Module 6: Introduction to Customer Service
- Using Activities for Customer Service
- Service Level Agreements
- Entitlements
- Queues
- Assigning Cases
- Grouping and Merging Related Cases
- Resolving a Case

Module 7: Preferences
- Basic Preferences
- Setting a Home Page
- Setting Preferences for Views
- Changing Font Size
- Changing Activity Feed Display Picture

Before attending this course, students must have:
• General knowledge of Microsoft Windows.
• General knowledge of Microsoft Office.