Power BI training, PowerApps training, Microsfot Flow training

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Course Details

Title: Driving Digital Transformation using Dynamics 365
Duration: 5 Days
Price: £3,850

Please note: course content subject to change

About this Course:
This course provides comprehensive training in all of the current technologies Microsoft recommends to make the most of your Dynamics 365 system. Topics include: PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Portals, Power BI and AI/Cognitive Services.
After attending this course, you should be able to implement solutions to help drive digital transformations in your organisation to significantly improve both productivity and the empowerment of your employees.

Audience Profile
The course is principally aimed at managers, project managers, business analysts, consultants, developers and power end users who want to learn how to maximise Dynamics 365's adaptability and functionality for their own organisation's requirements.

  • Module 1: Overview of PowerApps, Common Data Service, and Flow
    - How to connect to Dynamics 365
    - Scenarios for using with Dynamics 365

    Module 2: Building Apps that Extend Dynamics 365
    - PowerApps - Quickly build custom apps that combine  data and actions from multiple apps
    - Microsoft Flow - Build automation without code that spans multiple apps
    - Common Data Service - Store integration data needed by composition applications and automation

    Module 3: Common Data Service Overview
    - Scalable cloud data store
    - Standard schema through a set of standardized entities
    - Model is extending with custom entities and attributes
    - Connectors for PowerApps and Microsoft Flow
    - Built-in synchronization with Dynamics 365 and Office 365

    Microsoft Flow

    Module 4: Microsoft Flow Overview
    - Build process automation that spans systems
    - Visual designer to compose automations
    - Connect to services to access data
    - Built on top of Microsoft Azure Logic Apps
    - On demand from PowerApps or triggered by event

    Module 5: Creating flows using visual designer
    - Creating Flows

    Module 6: Downloading and using flow templates
    - Downloading and using Flow templates

    Module 7: Sharing Flows
    - Sharing Flows

    Module 8: Connecting Flow to other services (Social, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and more!)
    - Connecting Flow to other services

    Module 9: Dynamics 365 Triggers
    - Trigger on Create, Update or Delete from Customer Engagement Apps
    - No triggers are currently available from Dynamics 365 for Operations

    Module 11: Dynamics 365 Actions
    - Create
    - List
    - Delete
    - Get
    - Update

    Module 12: Dynamics 365 Workflows vs. Microsoft Flow

    - Pros and Cons
    - How to choose

    Microsoft PowerApps

    Module 13: PowerApps Overview

    - Build web and mobile apps

    - Visual designer to compose pages

    - Connect to services to access data

    - Shared with internal users or organization wide

    - Simple publish, runtime player hosts application

    Module 14: PowerApps Visual Designer
    - Overview of Designer
    - Using Designer

    Module 15: Creating mobile apps in PowerApps to run on all platforms
    - Creating mobile apps in PowerApps to run on all platforms

    - Creating mobile apps
    - Creating mobile apps lab
    - Automatically generating Apps

    Module 16: Running Custom Apps
    - Using Apps in browser via Dynamics 365
    - Using Apps on mobile via the PowerApps App

    Module 17: Combining Flow and PowerApps
    - Combining Flows and PowerApps

    Module 18: Administration
    - Administering Apps and flows and Apps for different users
    - Administering Flows and Apps for Users Lab
    - Administering Apps and flows and Apps for different environments

    Module 19: What's new in Flow and PowerApps
    - Customising the Common Data Service database
    - Employing data loss prevention policies
    - Encapsulating applications via environments
    - Pricing/Subscription structure
    - Provisioning CDS database
    - Using Environment Security roles

  • Module 1: Module 1: Introduction to portals
    - What portals are for
    - How they can be used

    Module 2: Using Portal Templates
    - Create your portal using a template
    - Customer Portal
    - Community Portal
    - Employee Portal
    - Partner Portal

    Module 3: Using the Integrated Content Editor
    - Customise portal content
    - Configure authentication mechanisms
    - Custom branding/theming

    Module 4: Module 4: Expose Data
    - Expose data entry forms for record creation
    - Expose filtered data sets for data consumption

  • Module 1: Introduction to Power BI
    - What is Power BI used for
    - The potential of Power BI

    Module 2: Power BI Licencing options
    - Power BI Free
    - Power BI Pro
    - Power BI Premium
    - Power BI Service

    Module 3: Employing Big Data Analytics
    - Data connection options
    - Create interactive reports and dashboards
    - Ask natural-language questions about your data
    - Share your tools with other members

    Module 4: Embedding Power BI
    - Embedding into Dynamics 365 dashboards
    - Embedding into Microsoft Portals

  • Module 1: Introduction to Cognitive Services and Machine Learning
    - What are Cognitive Services
    - Azure Machine Learning Services

    Module 2: Dynamics Cognitive Services
    - Text Analytics
    - Product Suggestions
    - Internal and External Document Suggestions
    - Social Engagement Sentiment Analysis
    - Knowledge Article Suggestions

    Module 3: Dynamics 365 App for Mobile Cortana Integration
    - Use Cortana Voice Recognition to Open and Create Records

    Module 4: Power BI Naturel Language Queries
    - Tell Power BI What you Would Like to see in Naturel Language

Before attending this course, students must have:
• General knowledge of Microsoft Windows.
• General knowledge of Microsoft Office.