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Course Details

Title: T4D163 - Extending Dynamics 365 using the Developer Guide and SDK
Duration: 2 days
Price: £1,760 + VAT

About this Course:
This course provides a comprehensive understanding of how you can extend Dynamics 365 using the new Developer Guide and the SDK (Software Development Kit).

Training 4 Dynamics 365 has invested significant resources updating and enhancing this course to focus on the new Dynamics 365 development tools and capabilities.

It also provides help identifying the best development tools to use in the light of the deprecation of certain Dynamics 365 features and tools.

Note that this new course should not be compared to any of our competitors Dynamics 365/CRM developer or fast track courses which are almost all based upon the content and practices that CRM had in 2013, many of the features in CRM 2013 have since been replaced and/or deprecated.

Audience Profile
This course is a Dynamics 365 development course intended primarily for Developers and customers who have a technical background and familiarity with Microsoft Dynamics 365. The audience need to be familiar with customizations and workflows.

Module 1: Overview of Extending D365
- xRM Application Framework
- Extensibility Platform and Features
- Security Model
- Business Logic
- Business Entity Components
- Data Access Components and Platform
- Developer Toolkit
- Nuget Packages for v9.*
- Development Environments

Module 2: Form Event Scripting
- Using Jscript Libraries
- Form and Field Events
- Form Types
- Form Event Handler Execution Context
- Setting Event Dependencies
- Pass Parameters
- Debugging Client-Side Code
- Working with the API
- Working with API Collections
- Working with Entity Level Data
- Attributes vs. Controls
- Working with Controls
- Utility Functions

Module 3: Web Resources
- Overview of Web Resources
- Web Resource Management
- Creating Web Resources
- Referencing Web Resources
- Data Parameters
- Using 3rd party Script Libraries

Module 4: The CRM Web API
- Working with Data and Services
- Finding the API Service Root
- Working with Data
- Querying Data
- Filter Options
- Querying with the Odata Client
- Additional Query Examples

Module 5: The Organization Service
- Discovery Service
- Organisation Service
- Authentication and Authorization
- Early-Bound Entity Class
- Late-Bound Entity Class
- Entity Information
- Working with Data Types
- Using the Create Method
- Using the Retrieve, Update and Delete Methods
- Using the Retrieve Multiple Method
- Early Versus Late Binding – change early & late points
- Generating Type Classes
- Handling Faults
- Using the Execute Method

Module 6: Querying CRM data
- Querying in Microsoft Dynamics 365
- Query Expression
- Query By Attribute
- LINQ Queries
- Fetch XML
- OData
- Create a Aggregate FetchXML Query

Module 7: Plug-ins
- Overview of Plug-ins
- Event Framework
- Plug-in Isolation, Trusts and Statistics
- Developing Plug-ins
- Impersonation in Plug-ins
- Entity Classes and Plug-ins
- Register and Deploy Plug-ins
- Debugging Plug-ins

Module 8: Custom Workflow Activities
- Overview of Workflow
- Setting Up Custom Workflow Activity Assemblies
- Creating Custom Workflow Activities
- Debugging Custom Workflow Activities
- Creating and Modifying Workflows in Windows Workflow Foundation (XAML Workflows)
- Working with Parameters

Module 9: Custom Actions
- Custom Actions
- Entity Specific vs Global Actions
- An Example of Action
- Input and Output Parameters
- Invoking Actions
- Custom Actions and Workflows
- Custom Actions and Plugin

Before attending this course, students must have:
• Experience in basic form customizations and workflows. 
• Comfortable with the following technologies: .NET-connected applications to Visual Studio, JScript, HTML. 
• Basic understanding of XML, Transact_SQL, Microsoft Dynamics 365 customizations & web services and the Windows Workflow Foundation.
• If needed, students can fill in any gaps in their knowledge by checking out some of the material covered in the Virtual academy course C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners, particularly the chapters on inheritance and LINQ.

Note: Course content subject to change