dynamics 365 finance and operations course

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Title: T4D164 - Advanced Finance and Operations Programming
Duration: 3 days
Price: £2,540 + VAT

About this Course:
This course takes a task and solution approach to advance your use of the x++ language within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. It introduces the integration possibilities with Microsoft Word and Excel, in addition to providing knowledge of the use of Power BI and integration with services in Azure.

Each module consists of a set of tasks to achieve a solution, comprising a how to with the detailed steps to achieve your solution using code in events, extensions and runnable classes.

Note that this new course should not be compared to any of our competitors Dynamics 365/CRM developer or fast track courses which are almost all based upon the content and practices that CRM had in 2013, many of the features in CRM 2013 have since been replaced and/or deprecated.

Audience Profile
This course is designed for developers for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Module 1: Data Processing Tasks
- How to create a new number sequence
- Renaming the primary key
- Using a normal table as a temporary table
- Copying a record
- Building a query object at run time
- How to use a macro in a SQL statement
- Executing a direct SQL statement
- Improving data consistency checks
- Using the date effectiveness feature

Module 2: Form Creation Dynamically using Code
- Form manipulation and creation
- Creating dialogs using the RunBase framework
- Handling the dialog event
- Creating dialogs using the SysOperation framework
- Building a dynamic form
- Adding a form splitter
- Creating a modal form
- Modifying multiple forms dynamically
- Storing the last form values
- Using a Tree control
- Adding the View details link

Module 3: Forms and Data
- Using a number sequence handler
- Creating a custom filter control
- Creating a custom instant search filter
- Building a selected/available list
- Creating a wizard
- Processing multiple records
- Colouring records
- Adding an image to record
- Creating an automatic lookup
- Creating a lookup dynamically
- Using a form to build a lookup
- Building a tree lookup
- Displaying a list of custom options
- Displaying custom options in another way
- Building a lookup based on the record description
- Building a browse for folder lookup
- Creating a colour picker lookup

Module 4: Intro to Data entities
- Building a data entity with multiple data sources
- Data packages
- Data migration
- Importing data

Module 5: Techniques to improve the efficiency of Development and improve performance
- How to use Extensions
- Caching a display method
- How to Calculate code execution time
- Enhancing insert, update, and delete operations by processing multiple records per trip
- Writing efficient SQL statements in
- Using an event handler
- Creating a Delegate method for inter package communication.

Module 6: Introduction to Office Integration
- Configuring and using an Excel Data Connector
- The use of the Workbook Designer
- Using the Export API
- Custom lookup creation in excel
- Managing Documents
- Creating a Word document with repeated elements

Module 7: Introduction to Power BI integration
- Configuring Power BI
- Consuming data in Excel
- Integrating Excel with Power BI
- Developing interactive dashboards
- Embedding Power BI visuals

Module 8: Integration with Azure Services
- Authenticating a native client app
- Creating a custom service
- Consuming custom services in JSON
- Consuming custom services in SOAP
- Consuming OData services
- Consuming external web services  

Before attending this course, students must have:
• A Good Knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio.
• Previous attendance on the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Developer Fast Track - AX (T4D129) or equivalent knowledge.
• Knowledge of the use of AOT and the associated Wizards is assumed along with the model creation process.
• Knowledge of services within Azure

Note: Course content subject to change